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    need help with a wierd average

    Annie Elliott

      Hi -


      I have a dataset that has some dims, one of which is a date, and a measure - a count of X.


      Lets call the fields:







      I need to plot the following:


      X - Day of Week (Su-Sa)

      Y - Numeric


      On the Y axis, I need to plot 2 things with different marks:


      1) the average count over the last 7 weeks for that particular day, not including lastest one (eg, avg count of the 6 Sundays *prior* to this past Sunday) as a line


      2) the current latest count for a given weekday (eg, this past Sunday, which was not included in the average above) as a point.


      Any help is very, very much appreciated.

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hello Annie,


          Attached is a workbook showing one way to create this view using the Superstore Sales data, using a count of orders as the measure, and Order Date for the date.


          The workbook uses the following calculated fields:


          Weekday of Order - a field with the formula DATENAME('weekday',[Order Date]) to allow us to partition the table calculations by the weekday.

          Week Filter - when set to filter on True on the Filter shelf, only returns the last 7 weeks of data, to improve performance by reducing the number of rows that Tableau is retrieving from the DB.

          Latest Result Filter - when set to filter on True on the Filter shelf, this table calculation filter "hides' what would be overlapping rows, the Compute Using is set to Order Date.

          Last 7 Weeks Orders - a table calculation that calculates the average for the last 7 weeks, with the Compute Using also set to Order Date.


          The Crosstab worksheet shows the results with the filters applied, then we can create a view with Measure Values on Rows, Measure Names on the Color shelf, WEEK(Order Date) on the Level of Detail and the Weekday of Order on Columns.


          Hope this helps!



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            Annie Elliott

            Ok. I'm working through this, but it is not quite behaving as expected. As soon as I am sure it's not me making an obvious mistake, I will post my closest try.

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              Annie Elliott

              FOLLOWUP: I ended up doing this in SQL. I could not get the clean graph I wanted doing it in Tableau, as I had to drag extra fields over.