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    Update Data fron the Server

    Alexander Schmidt


      From the Server, I am having problems updating data from my working environment.

      I therefore programmed a schedule update, yet it doesn't seem to work.

      So I tried the "Run now" option see attached jpg and nothing happens. Shouldn't I at least get something in the column "last Update".


      Appreciate help here.





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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Alexander!


          Have you checked the "Background Tasks" report under Maintenance? I wonder if your refreshes are downright failing?


          ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 15 07.09.gif


          As you can see in the screenshot above, the refresh of my workbook is failing altogether.


          There are a couple things you should look at:


          • Does the account you picked as your "RunAs" user in the Tableau Server Configuration dialog have permissions against this database?

          ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 15 07.12.gif


          In the screenshot above, the user "domain" from the Windows Domain "Simple" would need to have permissions on that database.


          If not, then you'd need to make sure that when you created your data source that you:


          • Hard-coded a specific user name and password

          ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 15 07.14.gif

          • ...and when you published the workbook, you'd need to choose "Embedded Password" for your data source by clicking the "Authentication" button and then selecting the right item in the Authentication drop-down box:


          ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 15 07.15.gif


          Can you double-check what you have setup, and/or give my ideas a whirl? I suspect that one of these things will solve your problem.


          Good luck!

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            Alexander Schmidt

            Hi Russel,

            Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. There is indeed an access problem see below image.Maintenance error msg.JPG.

            What I still cannot solve is the following problem.

            From another PC on the LAN where I have installed Tableau Desktop, I generate and update my charts. I save my charts onto the server at address ... S:\Tableau Data\Client.xls yet the Tableau Server doesn't seem to have access or be able to locate this file because it see the same directory as d:\Shared Data\Tableau DATA\Client.xls.

            Can you help me get the Tableau server correctly locate the data please.





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              Russell Christopher

              Your problem is the mapped drive - you should use a UNC path instead.


              Try following these steps, and you should be good:


              • On a Desktop, determine the UNC path to where the excel workbook is located: \\SomeServerName\SomeShareName\FileName.xls
              • Connect to the Excel Workbook using the UNC Path
              • Create your report
              • When publishing the workbook, make sure to de-select "Include External Files" option

              ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 19 08.37.gif

              • The "Run-As" account that I mentioned in the previous message must have permissions against the UNC Path where the Excel workbook resides: \\SomeServerName\SomeShareName\FileName.xls
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                Alexander Schmidt

                Hi Russel,

                Thanks for your help, it now works and I am happy to see that it works well.


                I wan to however point out an issue that is not obvious. While I am still on XP for some apps purposes, when I specify on my Desktop the logical drive, in this case T: see pics:


                Logical Drive.bmp

                To get this:

                New Drive.JPG

                When I then connect to Excel data from Tableau Desktop, Tableau shows the detailed directory path which leads the user to believe that all is okay.

                Tab location drive.bmp

                The next screen on Tableau Desktop however displays the file as T:\CA.xls without the whole directory path!

                Tab drive.bmp


                When I then try to run a RUN NOW from the Tableau Server, the server tries to connect to the T:\CA.xls file which of course it will NEVER locate. The solution is thus NOT to create a logical T: drive on my desktop but to browse directly on the server to locate the file.

                Do you think Tableau could improve this area?

                Thanks again for your help!




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                  divya b c

                  Hi Russell.

                  Even I am facing the same issue as Alexander which is attached below. You have mentioned that we have to use UNC path. Can you be more clear on this part like I am failing to understand where exactly I need to provide the UNC path. I am facing this issue since 1 week and not able to get the solution. Your help matters a lot!!