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    Multiple custom geocoding file import

    Florian Eiden



      I'm using Tableau Desktop 7 to create maps, and each one of these maps is using a custom geocoding file.

      At the moment I'm forced to reload each custom file when I need to use the associated map, as it is unloaded when I load another custom file.


      I haven't been able to find if it's expected behavior to have to reload a custom file each time we need it? Is it normal that importing a new file unload a previous one? Am I missing something?


      I know that I could/should import latitude and longitude directly in the dataset when I can. But I wonder for in case where I can't.


      Thanks a lot!

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Florian,


          This is expected behavior. Loading a new custom geofile will replace an existing geofile. Only one can be imported at a time. Therefore, if you can combine all the data into one file, that would probably be best!



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            Florian Eiden

            Ok Tracy, thanks for the answer!


            In fact I was wondering about that since I work in a consulting agency for several customers, and I can neither load/unload these files all day nor merge all the geo data into one file. So I'll just import everything in each dataset.


            Thanks again for the confirmation

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              Richard Leeke

              Actually you can load multiple custom geocoding files at the same time, by placing them all in the same directory. When you do that, it completely replaces any previous set of custom geocoding you may have loaded, which I think is what Tracy was meaning.


              So over time if you want to add more and more geocoding you simply need to add each new file to the same directory, so Tableau will re-import what you had already, plus add the new ones. The files / geographic roles need to be distinctly named.


              Bear in mind that any packaged workbooks you create will include all of the custom roles.

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                Florian Eiden

                Ok Richard, so if for one of my customers I have 3 files to import, I just put them in the same directory and let Tableau load them all at the same time (and be cautious with my colum names to avoid confusion).


                Thanks a lot for the info, I didn't get it the first time!