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    How to correctly format spreadsheets with year values for viz

    Kyle Kim

      Tried snooping around the forums and user manual but haven't found any luck yet. Do any of you know what the best formatting practices are for a spreadsheet with multiple years/data associated for a country?


      I attached the original xls file I'm working with that I got from the US Energy Information Administration. I want the data viz to show the production trend for each country and region. I had a hunch Tableau wouldn't be able to pull from the spreadsheet correctly as is, and it seems to be the case after I imported it.


      Do the measures and values all need to be in separate column so it reads something like this:


      [Region]                [Country]     [Year]      [Production Figure]

      South America    Brazil           2007        (value)


      South America    Brazil           2008        (value)

      South America    Brazil           2009        (value)

      South America    Brazil           2010        (value)

      South America    Brazil           2011        (value)


      If there is a link on the Tableau site or manual where it addresses this (and related) issue, I would appreciate the share!