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    Making column content stick, and grouping with two data sources

      Question 1:

      In the first column I have Product Group ID and in the second I have Product Name (Under one Product Group ID there are many products).

      The products are sorted according to Product Group ID so Product Group ID only appears once (instead of appearing on every row). When scrolling down, the Product Group ID in the first column will stick there until you've scrolled to products under the next Product Group ID (then it shows that other Product Group ID).


      However, once I publish the workbook, the Product Group ID no longer sticks. Instead, when scrolling down, it moves up as well and disappears from view. Thus, in the event that I forget which product category I'm looking at, I have to scroll back up to see what it is. This could be quite inconvenient for large data sources. Is there any way to make it such that the product category sticks even after publishing?


      Question 2:

      With reference to the above scenario, besides the Product Group ID and Product Name columns there are also other columns with some statistics. If I want to see these statistics by Product Group ID (and not by each Product Name), how do I do that?


      Note that the product group ID comes from a secondary data source, and the linking field is Product Name. When I try grouping the products, I get the following message:

      "Cannot blend aggregate data from the secondary data source with the data on this sheet because there are no linking fields used in the view."

      Also, the product category IDs become an asterisk, and the chain logo beside Product Name disappears.