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    Disabling Share/Toolbar options via params



      Quite a simple query I hope, I want to get rid of the Share option but KEEP the toolbar, and I also want to disable some of the toolbar options (I want to keep the Extract option, but get rid of the "Pause automatic updates/Revert all/Refresh" options.


      Is this a) possible, b) possible via parameter passing or does it have to be done whilst creating the dashboard ?



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Arun,


          Open a command prompt from the 7.0 bin directory and execute the following commands:

          tabadmin stop
          tabadmin set vizqlserver.showshare false
          tabadmin configure
          tabadmin start

          The setting above will only disable the "Share" link when a view is embedded. For example, using "http://test/views/myworkbook/example?:embed=y" will not show the "Share" link. The "Share" link will still appear when the view is not embedded (i.e. viewing directly in Tableau Server).


          Currently, it is not possible to remove the Pause Automatic Updates/Revert buttons--although this is a common request and I would recommend adding it to the Ideas section if it's not already up there!




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            So I can't disable the Share option via passing a param ?


            Basically I'm embedding the HTML, the <object>, with several <param> elements for authentication (along with the JS file).....there are no other params to pass to disable the Share option ?


            Is there anywhere there's a complete list of params ?


            Why is it that some of the public dashboards have different toolbar options than I have ? That lead me to believe it was somehow customizable...

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              Hi Tracy,


              I am also trying to hide share option in Tableau 8.0. I executed the comands you mentioned in command prompt from the 8.0 bin but share option is still there. Any help on this is much appreciated.