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    Generating Large List Reports

    Reginald Green

      Hi Everyone,


      Does anyone have any experience of generating large list reports?


      The report that I want to create will have a single column that potentially has up to 20 million distinct rows. I don't necessarily have to display all 20 million rows in the visual; however when the workbook is deployed to the server and the user clicks on the crosstab download button, as many of the 20 million rows need to be downloaded.


      The report will have several quick filters, so total rows outputted will vary.





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Reginald,


          What kind of feedback are you looking for on this? Performance? Use case? Let us know so we can give a helpful answer!



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            Reginald Green

            Hi Tracy,


            No feedback so far


            The report is so simple; it has 1 column and 6 quick filters. Rendering and then downloading the millions of rows are the problem; When over 100k rows are returned is when things start to go downhill.


            Is it possible to just render a subset of data I want to download, but then be able to download the complete list?




            Reginald Green

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              Reginald Green

              Hi Tracy,


              I misread you question.


              I was hoping for suggestions as to what changes I need to make to my report in order for results to render and then download the data in a reasonable amount of time.




              Reginald Green

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                Russell Christopher

                Morning Reginald -


                Part of the problem is that you're really swimming upstream in terms of what Tableau was built to do. Tableau is an analytics tool, but it sounds like you're really trying to use it as an ETL mechanism. While you might be able to pull this off, Scotty would say: "How many times do I have to tell you, the right tool for the right job! "


                Tableau is built to aggregate those 100K or 20M rows and give meaning to them visually - Since even 100K rows are essentially non-readable by human beings (at least in terms of gaining any insight from same), we just don't spend much time there.


                I suspect you know this already and have a good reason for doing what you're trying to do - but I don't want you to get frustrated or waste your time.


                On thing you might try is to do a tabcmd export --csv rather than trying to render/export from the browser. I've worked with some customers who've had better luck with this approach - but you're still going to be fighting Tableau's behavior.


                Good luck!

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                  Reginald Green

                  Hi Russell,


                  Thanks your comments. After crashing and burning after trying several possible solutions, I had a feeling that this wasn't achievable especially when trying to render this huge list in a browser. However I was looking for that "Hail Mary Pass" all the same