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    Extended Loading Metadata Running Time




      I'm connecting via sql to a work database using the following syntax:




      CAST(acd_start_date_time AS DATE) 'Date Call',

      left(caller_ani,3) 'Area Code',

      count (1) as 'Switch Calls',

      count (talk_start_date_time) as 'Agent Calls'


      FROM db1 A

      left join db2 B

      On A.dial_id = B.dial_id

      where A.campaign_id = 'inbound' and A.acd_start_date_time is not null


      GROUP BY CAST(acd_start_date_time AS DATE), left(caller_ani,3)


      Running this query in SQL server takes less than a minute.  However, as I try to run this in Tableau it's going on 10+ minutes already, with the Loading Metadata status.


      Should this be happening?