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    Large numbers in CSV files overflow to Null

      I have a CSV file with one column filled with unsigned 32 bit numbers.  It appears that the in-memory database always interprets these numbers as signed 32 bit and any values over 0x7fffffff overflow to Null values.


      I've tried

      • Setting the data type to "string"
      • Adding a fake row with string values to force the data type to string on load
      • Casting to string with a calculated field


      The only thing that works is to manually add a character to the end of each number so it doesn't parse as a number.  This means I have to create a calculated field on my other data field that appends the same character so I can join them.  This is pretty hacky.


      Is this a known limitation of CSV files?  If so, I would suggest adding better support for numbers that overflow - either automatically increase the storage format of that column or switch to a string format.