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    Data Refresh: Subset

    Chris Cushman



      Curious if it is possible to refresh a subset of the data and I am not sure that incremental refresh accomplishes what I am looking for.


      Let’s say I have SQL sales data in a table from 2009 to date, but this data set only changes for the last 30 days plus additional day’s data as they occur. Currently I have it set to refresh the entire dataset, but this is unnecessary and time consuming because only the last 30 days changes.

      I can set extract filters, but this excludes the old data…

      I can incremental refresh, but this just brings in the new dates...


      Is there a way to get the best of both worlds and keep the older data in the extract, but refresh a subset of that data, eg) 30 days?


      I fear I may be looking over something or having a brain fart moment. Maybe not…


      Appreciate any assistance.