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    Tableau Mobile - iPad quirks

    Aaron Anzalone



      I've discovered a few quirks developing dashboards for the Tableau Mobile app. All dashboards were Sized as "At least 1020 x 625 pixels" (iPad Landscape). First though, I want to say the Tableau Mobile app is AWESOME.


      1. When using tabbed dashboards, flipping between tabs does not change the title at the top (the one in the app's menu bar). It continues to show the name of the first tab in the workbook.


      2. The targets in the embedded menu (Download data, Undo, Start/Stop Refresh, Reload) are too small to be hit when using a tabbed dashboard. Attempting to tap a menu item usually results in hitting a tabbed dashboard instead. This was resolved by sizing to "Exactly 1020 x 625 pixels", a less than ideal scenario as the same dashboards are also embedded on our web site.


      3. The default font for filter labels (Arial-8 bold) looks fuzzy. What's weird is that a Text object that uses Arial-8 bold actually looks decent, it's the filter labels that look fuzzy. Removing Bold improved the readability quite a bit.


      4. Text in tables looks fuzzy.


      5. Having more than 1 map on a dashboard disables the ability to zoom in. I usually compare the current & previous quarters. Only by showing a single quarter am I able to zoom in.


      6. On the new iPad (iPad 3), the iPad seems to lie about what resolution it's capable of. An iPad 3 dashboard can be "forced" to a higher resolution by changing the Size to something larger than 1024x768. I tried a variety of resolutions from 2048x1536 (super slow load times and TINY text) to 1024x768. 1152x864 seems to provide the best balance of readability and crispness. I would really love it if Tableau could support higher resolution Viz's on the iPad 3. They look FANTASTIC at higher resolutions but the long render times make this a non-option right now.