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    Calculate month's projection?



      So I have data on the number of bills recieved each day, and have it veiwed to see how many bills were recieved by month


      I would like to create calculations in tableau that allow me to view a projection of the total number of bills recieved during the current month.  If it could be done it a way where I have a moving average of the past 30 day to predict what the current months number of bills will be.  I want this to work so when the next days data is added in the prediction updates.


      Or if you can offer a different style of making a monthly prediction and will take the lastest data to make the prediction that may work out.



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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hello Tighe,


          I'm not clear on exactly what you'd like, do you want one view that combines actuals with the projection across months, or just one projection? I've attached a workbook that uses a count of Order ID using the Superstore Sales data to show a worksheet with a Monthly Total of Orders to Date and a Moving 30 Day Total of Orders. Both of the fields are table calculations, and there's a third table calculation called "Filter for Today" that is used to hide all results but the the current date. The Compute Using for the Monthly Total of Orders must be set to the Day of Order Date calculated field, the others can be left at the default Table (Down).


          Hope this helps!