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        Second Eric's question - I am running Tableau Server and have a bunch of published stuff in there. I would like to audit the .twb that are on the server side which I understand are embedded as encoded binaries of some kind in the server's PostgreSQL database?


        If so, is there a best practice on how to batch extract these perhaps using tabadmin or tabcmd

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          Andy Cotgreave

          Hi Eric

          Workbooks aren't stored as TWBs in the Server - they are stored in the Server's repository database. Which means you have to have some way to extract all the workbooks out of the server as TWB files. This is feasible and I believe there's a link somewhere on the Community to a script written by Tomas Foldi to do this. I couldn't find it on a brief search i did just now. This kind of stuff is NOT supported by Tableau so you'd be doing it at your own risk. I did do it once in the past and successfully audited everythihng on my Server.

          Best wishes



          (PS - delighted you're enjoying the gamification of our Community even if it means I drop one further place in the ranks...!)

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            Srikanth Sakhamuri

            This is great stuff...now I can see all the data sources of the work books that our analysts are creating.....

            this way we can streamline and have some-kind of governance

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              Dinesh Viswanatha

              Hi Guys,

              We have a request to know which workbooks are accessing few sensitive tables in Teradata. We have around 1000+ Workbooks connecting to teradata amongs't other data sources. We wanted to track which workbook is referring to those sensitive tables at the close of the day using some scripts.

              Please let us know how this TWB AUDITOR tool can cater our needs.

              1. Is it possible to track the SQL code used by the user and which table the workbook (In case of Extracts ) and User's code (Live Connection)

              Please let us know if this is feasible.


              2. We have went through the logs folder. We could see the SQL only during certain times during refresh tasks which is not reliable .most of the logs refer to the tableau extract created and they don't have any explicit table name or SQL query in the logs.

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                Mari Borries

                Hi Andy,

                It's been a long time since you published this helpful utility, but I'm just now finding it. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to run. I'm getting an error as soon as I click on the Go button....any suggestions? (Access 2013)



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                  Hi Mary-


                  My apologies to Andy for thread-jumping, but thought I'd try to help. When you are in that error screen, press ok. Then (if it is highlighted/available) click the blue square button on the toolbar to stop the code.



                  Then go under the menu tools/references, and you will see a pop-up box with a few references checked at the top. Look at the list and just below it at the first few unchecked items and see if any include the word "(missing)". If so, scroll down and find the version installed on your machine that is closest to the missing reference.


                  Given the line showing in your screenshot, I'm guessing Microsoft XML is missing. Scroll down and select the highest version available on your machine.


                  Hope that helps!

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                    Mari Borries

                    Hi Kevin,

                    Thank you so much for replying. Unfortunately, I DO already have Microsoft XML, 6.0 check and nothing is showing as missing. Any other ideas?



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                      Well, the only differences I see are that you are a version ahead of me on the Office references (you have Office15, I have Office14... and based on the path at the bottom, it looks like maybe you are using a 64-bit version of office?


                      I don't have x64 office. I'm guessing from the PtrSafe and LongPtr functions that Andy has already made an effort to make this tool x64-compatible, but I have no way to test it or test against your version of office. Given that the tool seems to work reliably on 2010 and x32 bit office, the easy suggestion is to try to find a machine with those specifications until Andy returns to this thread to help troubleshoot. I'm sorry I can't be of more help!

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                        Stephen Wagner

                        First off, @AndyCotgreave this is great stuff!  I appreciate you building and sharing this with the community.


                        I was able to get this to work in Office 2013.  Run "Audit all workbooks in a folder" and when it throws off the error, add 60 to the end of MSXML2.DOMDocument.  Save and re-run "Audit all workbooks in a folder", you'll receive this error a total of three times.  Add 60 to MSXML2.DOMDocument each time.  After the third time, it'll run.



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                          Mari Borries

                          Awesome!  This worked! Thanks, Stephen!

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                            Alan Toomey

                            This is fantastic and works perfectly for us.

                            Id love to pull a list of Parameters and what they are currently set as. We have some target based information set as parameters for example.


                            Looks like it should be possible since this is information thats in the twb files. Ill see if I can figure this out and create the code to get it, if you have any tips to point me in the right direction / code to update I would be very grateful. It looks like I could add a new function to the Auditor Module and create the tables I need.

                            I would also like to find out what fields are not being used in any worksheets at all. This would be helpful for datasource reviews and cleanup.


                            Amazing work again.

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                              Andy Cotgreave

                              Hi everyone

                              Thanks again for the kind comments, and I'm delighted the auditor is still providing lots of really useful answers for you.


                              Parameters: this is available in the latest version. The latest version? Well - that's the version i have on my desktop, attached to this post. I will also update the first post on this thread.


                              I updated this a while back - bear in mind I can't really support or add any more features to this tool due to other commitments. It's provided as is!




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                                Toby Erkson

                                Hey folks, I made an update to the auditor that pulls all the workbooks from a Site to a folder you select:

                                What's in your workbooks? The TWB Auditor v2.0


                                While I was in there and experiencing some issues I updated all of the XML references to MSXML2.DOMDocument60 and cleaned up variables/memory housekeeping.

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                                  Shawn Wallwork

                                  Toby thanks for doing this update!





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                                    Luz Angela Delgado

                                    Hi, could you please help me? I need eliminate the null (Nulo) by - on the columns with format date. How do I do?


                                    *Not hide rows option.



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