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    All Users group

    Emma Whyte



      I have a list of projects that get shared between different clients outside of the organisation. I would (obviously) like to keep these projects as secure as possible for each of the clients.


      I have a question about the All Users group on Tableau Server, which looks like it is automatically created by the software. I cannot edit or remove this group and any new users are automatically added to it.


      My concern is that when I create a new project the All Users group default permission is set to view. I would like to set this default to deny access. I would then like to add users/groups to the project to allow them to view it.


      Would this default deny setting to All Users still let an Administrator be able to set the permissions on the project / edit the project?


      Any suggestions are welcome.





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          Emma Whyte

          I also have another issue when creating a new project.


          Automatically the group All Users is added to the project permissions, as well as 3 users:


          1. Administrator

          2. UserX

          3. UserY


          The only thing in common with UserX and UserY is that they are not in any groups and are both Interactors.


          There is another user (UserZ) that is an Interactor and has publishing rights (but not an administrator), but they do not get automatically added to the permissions list for a new project. They are also not in any groups.


          1. Why does UserX and UserY get automatically added to the permissions for new projects?

          2. Why does UserZ NOT get automatically added to the permissions for new projects? What is the difference?

          3. Is there a way for UserX and UserY to not be automatically added to permissions for new projects?


          Thanks! This is very confusing.



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            You may have already figured this out but the users are added to new projects because that is how the default project is configured.  If you remove the unwanted users & groups from the default project, they won't show up on newly created projects.

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              It does not seem possible to remove the ALL USERS group form my projects. Also, when I have added a user or group it does not seem possible to remove these. Any ideas how I can clean up my Project Users / Groups?