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    Export PDF without default caption using tabcmd command

    LeeKian Lai


      By default, when export workbook package to PDF, the caption is displayed in the below of the chart.

      Is there any option to export workbook packages to PDF without default caption?



      Below option can only be found in the manual.

      -f--filenameName to save the file asSaves the file with the given filename.
      --csv View only. Export the view’s data in CSV format.
      --pagelayoutlandscape, portraitSets the page orientation of the exported PDF. If not specified, its Tableau Desktop setting will be used.
      --pagesizeunspecified, letter, legal, note folio, tabloid, ledger, statement, executive, a3, a4, a5, b4, b5, quatroSets the page size of the exported PDF. Default is letter.
      --pdf View only. Export as a PDF.
      --png View only. Export as an image in PNG format.
      --fullpdf Workbook only. Export as a PDF. The workbook must have been published withShow Sheets as Tabs enabled.

      Thanks in advance