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    TableauMySQL Driver=> Bluescreen

      Hi there,


      I have a new computer so I downloaded the latest version of Tableau and tried to refresh my data extracts as usual.


      Unfortunatley that did not work since Tableau was not able to connect to MySQL and then I remembered: aaah,you forgot to install the driver. SoI went to Tableau's Driver site, downloaded the MySQL driver and KABOOM! I got a bluescreen as soon as Tableau tried to connect to the DB.I thought it must be some random thing so I rebooted and tried again - same thing happend. Now I thought it must be some rights management thing, I logged in with an admin account and KABOOM! bluescreen again.


      Downloading the most current driver did not work either with Tableau,it seems not to like it -I know that Tableau requires an older version.


      So my question is: what is the maximum version number which can be used with Tableau?

      And: has anyone experienced bluescreens too?