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    Calculated fields for task tracking

    Serge GABRIEL



      I would like to ask for your help on a precise issue.


      You'll find attached a sample of what I am doing, what I achieved so far, and what I am trying to do...


      Aim: I want to track tasks and identify the ones which are delayed, or how much time we have until the planed end of the task.

      Then, I want to build an Early Warning System by calculating this KPI:

      Indicator = Nb of days of delays for an action x Possible savings achieved with this action.


      I achieved to sum up the number of days of delays of tasks for each supplier and each action.


      But I have two problems:

      I would like to visualize the "Time remaining" until the planed End (or planed start) of a task on the planning and today.

      I would also like to calculate the KPI (Delays x Savings)


      For both case, there is a calculated field already done, but I don't succeed to make them work!


      Thanks in advance for your help!


      Best regards,




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          Serge GABRIEL

          No one found a solution to this issue?


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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi Serge,


            I took a quick look at this and it's not clear what is not working and what your goals are. Could you be more specific? For example, you have a Status field, and bunch of calculated fields with New_ at the beginning, are you looking at hte Status or New_Status Actual or New_Status Planned? The text in the Title on Sheet 3 is also confusing, I have no idea what you mean by Criticality Index.



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              Serge GABRIEL

              Hello Jonathan,

              Thanks for your time and your reply.

              I looked again at my sample file and you are right: all is confusing.

              So I decided to change it, and here is the new sample file, which should be much more clear... With the following explanations of course! ;-)


              So I have one data source which is a tracking tool of a project:

              - The project have 2 actions (Action = Develop multiple sources for a component, ID01 is for one component)

              - Each action is divided into 2 subactions/suppliers (ID01, 3 different suppliers = Qualify 3 new suppliers for first component)

              - Each subaction (or "supplier") is divided into many tasks, structured by 2 gates ("Gate 1" after task 14, "Gate 2" after task 24)

              - At "Gate 1", we achieved the corresponding "Secured Savings" for the current subaction/supplier.


              (NB: forget about the "Supplier Qualification" Excel sheet in the data source)


              What I want to build with Tableau is an "Early Warning System", which allow me to identifty the critical actions/suppliers. I define "critical" by a specific KPI, the "index of Criticality".

              "Index of criticality" = "Total amount of identified savings for a subaction" X "Total amount of days of delay for this subaction"


              I already achieved to calculate all this thanks to table calculations and lookup function.

              Results are on the sheets Old (Crosstab), Old Graphic (Visualization of the index of criticality) and Old Graphic 2 (Visualization of the numbers of delay + Savings + Criticality index).


              To achieve my targeted views, I created the following calculated fields (all needed in this order for the calculation process of Critcality index):

              1) If a task has begun or is completed: "Old_Status Actual"

              2) If a task should have begun or should be completed: "Old_Status Planned"

              3) If a task is delayed or not: "Old_Delay or Not"

              4) Real and planned duration of a task: "Old_Duration"

              5) Number of days of difference between the planning and the actual stand for a task (cf. detailed definition on the sheet "view"): "Old_Difference with plan"

              6) The number of days of delay for a task: "Old_Delay"

              7) The time remaining to begin of finish a task based on the planning:"Old_Time Remaining"

              8) The total number of days of delay for a subaction: "Old_Total Delay"

              9) The index of criticality of a subaction: "Old_Criticality Index"



              But I have a problem with my solution:

              Because of the large amount of data I have in my real data source, each calculations of these views takes more than a minute!

              In order to keep the managers using this tool, I need to decrease this calculation time to maximum 15 seconds.

              I spoke to someone familiar to Tableau, who told me to try to do it with usual calculated fields and not with table calculations (avoid the lookup function for example, which is really time consuming if it is running for each line of data).

              That is what I tried to do with all calculated fields beginning with "NEW". But I am blocked... I don't succeed to achieve the same results. (Wrong results from the calculated field "Difference with plan).


              Could you please help me to achieve the same results avoiding table calculations please?


              I hope my explanations are understandable now... Feel free to ask questions!


              Thanks a lot for your help!

              Kind regards

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                Jonathan Drummey

                Hi Serge,


                I'm sorry for not responding sooner, did you ever get this figured out?

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                  Serge GABRIEL

                  Hi Jonathan,


                  Thanks for your reply.

                  I did find a solution but not by changing the calculated fields. I just deleted the one I did not use anymore and it works wihout a 1 min calculation time (only 10 sec now).


                  Best regards!