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    Synchronize the axis of two sheets on a dashboard

    Serge GABRIEL

      Hello everybody,


      I would like to synchronize the axis of two sheets on a dashboard.

      I have two seperate sheets coming from the same data source and showing the same type of data.


      In my database, I have:

      - Several components

             - Each of them comes from several supplier at different prices (over time)

             - For each of them, I have also: initial price, Target price and Target+risk price (target: lower the price of a component by looking for new suppliers).


      I want to visualize as vertical bars (for each component):

      - The different prices from the several suppliers as separate bars

      - The Initial, Target, Target+Risk cost on a single bar (overlapping).

      To do this, I didn't find any other way than doing the 2 last points on 2 separate sheets. And then put them next to each other on a dashboard.



      The axis range depends of the component (should remain automatic because some components are much cheaper than others), but the automatic range is not exactly the same on both sheets, because the prices are not the same!


      How could I solve this issue?

      Thanks a lot in advance!

      You can find attached a sample Tableau file...


      Best regards