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    Help need for Map-Edit locations--ambiguous

    JianPing ShangGuan

      hey, I use Tableau desktop 7.

      I have a report indicate city names of China, after I set Geographic roles as China, all cities are fine, except two:

      Suzhou and Wuxi, are 2 unknowns not included in the geo-chart and indicated as "ambiguous". (see attached image)

      This is very strange, I can find their name in the drop down list (no spelling mistake or space in my city name). however even if I choose Suzhou to mactch Suzhou in the drop down list, Tableau still not recognize it, as the location dot are not shown in the map. (and if  I click reset to matches, these 2 cities back to "ambigous" again)


      I have to add their latitude and longtitude mannually, this time the location dot appear.

      as so far it is only 2 cities are ambiguous (not issue of unrecognized), not huge work to change, however if more cities like that will be huge work. How can I correct the ambiguous location?

      BTW, the two cities are very close

      Suzhou: 31° 18' 41" N / 120° 37' 5" E

      Wuxi: 31° 34' 38" N / 120° 17' 38" E


      is that the reason caused "ambiguous"?