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    unable to select fields for second dataset

    Asit Mohanty

      Hi Guys


      I am fairly new to Tableau but have taken all the online trainings.

      I am using tableau 7.0 desktop version on windows 7.

      My problem is that I am unable to select fields after I added a second dataset.


      here is what I did.

      1. Added first dataset (from MS analytics server). was able to use both measures and dimensions.

      2. Added second dataset (a second database from the same MS analytics server).

      all the measures/dimensions in this second database are greyed out.


      I havent contacted my database administrator yet, as I dont believe he would know for sure. wanted to run it through the forum to see if anyone has experienced this issue before.

      searched in the forum but couldnt locate a relevant thread.

      please help.


      (attached is a screenshot of the tableau screen)