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    Autofit on dashboard; page breaks and reapeating header rows on print-out...

    Grzegorz Mikulski



      This is my first dashboard in Tableu and I'm struggling with an option to auto fit to my tables that I present on dashboard.


      I am trying to use to options:

      a) 'normal' fit

      b) 'entire view' fit


      I deleted the figures, but you may see what my problem is. Table above is Actuals (and I use "normal fit" on it), and table below is budget (using "entire view" fit).


      As you see on first screen - if I include all clusters on filter, first table will have scroll bars (that I want to avoid for printing). Second table will be OK, all data fits in.


      Nowy obraz (1).bmp


      However, if I only filter one cluster out - I am left with empty space between two tables-  that I also do not want....


      Nowy obraz.bmp

      Is there a possibility to auto fit to contents? So that contents is always visible? And how can I avoid being left with empty space between tables?


      Also, is there a possibility to add page breaks (for printing)? And to reapeat header rows on print-outs?


      Looking forward to any hints on this. I want to sent the dashboard out to users that will only have a Tableu Reader - and they need to be able to print this out.


      Thanks in advance!!