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    Sorting Underlying Data

    Matthew Kiefer

      There have been several posts regarding subject sorting underlyng data, but I haven't been successful in finding an answer to my ?.  I'm looking to sort the dimensions in a custom format in the underlying data.  Does anyone know how to sort the underlying data - not just 1 of the dimensions being sorted, but rather all the dimensions.  For example, if I had dimensions A,B,C,D and I wanted the underlying data to populate as C,D,A,B - is there a way to do this.Thanks for the help

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Matthew,


          Could you provide a more specific example? Here are a few questions I can come up with that I'd need answered before coming up with a solution:


          1. How would you want A, B, C, and D to be individually sorted within the group (C,D,A,B) sort?

          2. Are you showing all 4 of those dimensions in the view, or only a subset of them?

          3. What kind of calculations are you going to make over the sorted data? Are you going to be using basic aggregations, and/or table calculations?

          4. If one of those dimensions is a date, are you going to want to show a result for every date even if there are not combinations of the dimensions for that date? Is it even possible for that to occur? This is a question about how sparse your data is.


          Posting a packaged workbook (.twbx) with some sample data would be even more helpful in formulating a response.



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            Matthew Kiefer

            Thanks for the reply Jonathan.  See attached example workbook.  When the underlying data is reviewed, the headers from left to right are as follows:  Carrier Name, Consignee Code, Container #, etc.  How its laid out is by alphabetical order by dimension, then by measures all by abc.  What if I wanted the high level dimensions in the underlying data to read from left to right as follows:  Vendor Name, Month, Container #, Carrier Name, etc where I choose how its structured.

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              Jonathan Drummey

              Ok, I think what you're asking for is sorting the columns when right-clicking on the data source and choosing View Data? There's no way that I know to sort that. The workaround is to create a worksheet with a text table that shows the columns you need, though that is limited to ~10K rows on Tableau Server, as I remember.