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    View Underlying Data function

    Andy Harris

      Is there any way to control or edit the layout of the information displayed with the Underlying data tab of View Data in desktop (or the server equiviant function?).


      My data source is an analysis services cube that we use to report upon of our global HR data. For the most part, we have been able to achieve what we wanted with Tableau but have encountered a big problem when using the Underlying data tab;


      1. Every field in our cube is displayed within the "Underlying" tab even with the "hide" field function used in the dimensions pane this tab still shows every single field resulting in an uneessarry and very messy amount of data


      2. It doesnt seem to be possible to delete/remove fields from the table


      3. The fields are presented in alphabetical order and any changes this  ordering do not apepar to be preserved when the dashboard is published to server or access by another users


      4. Field names are displayed with their full cube dimension structure in the title (e.g. Age Band becomes [$Age Band].[Description]). This is different behaviour then when the field is added to an worksheet. It also doesnt seem possible to do anything to change the way this is formatted


      Has anyone else had these problems? Is it specific to analysis services or a wider lack of functionality? Seems a bit strange that you can do so much with the visual analysis but have little/no control over how to present the underlying data to the end user. This is a big functionality gap for us as we want our users to be able to delve into the detail and answer questions themselves but giving them a 200 column report that is not formatted or structured means we will lose people straight away


      anyone have ideas?






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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Andy!



          In my humble opinion, the "View Data"  dialog & server pages aren't really there for data exploration - they exist to be more of a "data view and data dump" mechanism.


          Without putting words into our developer's mouths, here's where I bet they're coming from:


          • In Desktop, everything you mentioned you want to do you can do - without even launching the "view data dialog" - just drag / drop in the dimensions you care about, order them however you want, and view your measures as text - voila, crosstab report. As a developer, I think I'd feel doing lots of work in the View Data dialog would be a a duplication of effort / functionality. 


          Now the View Data "Pages" in Tableau Server - there you make a really good point. Users really can't add/remove/rearrange columns at will in the main report in Server, nor can they in "View Data" - a gap. This is something I'd probably add to the "ideas" forum - asking for the ability to add/remove/re-arrange columns in a "proper" report.


          Sorry I can't give you the answer you're looking for.

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