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    Apply Different Date Filter to Different Column

    Ryan Hutchinson

      I have a report where one dimension in the columns table producing two columns in the report called "CURRENT" & "PREVIOUS". In addition, I have in my Measures the number of records. In the Filters I have an order date (e.g. 5/31/2012). What I am wondering is while the ending date I am filtering on is 5/31/2012 it is applying that date to both columns. Is there a way that I can apply a different date to the "PREVIOUS" column? More specifically, I wanted it to give me the measures filter off of one year prior 5/31/2011. So in short I want both columns filtered on the 5/31 order date, but want one column showing them as of 2012 and the second column showing them as of 2011. Is this possible to do in the same worksheet?