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    Filtering across data sources and dashboards with actions

    Danielle Farrie

      I have a workbook with multiple dashboards, linked to multiple data sources. A map of US states on each dashboard is set up to be used as a filter for the other sheets on each dashboard. I also have a parameter acting as a filter between dashboards to keep the year selected consistent across the dashboards. This is working great.


      What I want to do is set up the dashboards so that if a user selects any number of states in one dashboard using the filter action on the map, those selections transfer to the other dashboards. Using a parameter won't work since I want to allow users to select multiple states. I don't want to use a global filter because I don't want to have a quick filter with all 50 states on the dashboard.


      It seems like I might have to use a series of dashboard filter actions to set up the link between each dashboard combination. When I do this the filter does not transfer from the map to the other worksheets in the dashboard. It also has the user jumping between dashboards as soon as they select states on the map -which I don't want. Is there a way to stop the selection from causing a jump to another dashboard? Any suggestions for how I can get this to work?


      Workbook attached with no state filter actions in place.