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    Stacked Bar Graph With Limited Data?

      I'm wondering if there is a way to do a stacked bar graph when my data source looks like this..


      Project NameStart DateEnd DateTotal Bytes (GB)
      Project A6/1/201210/15/2012310000
      Project B6/23/20129/30/201225000
      Project C7/18/201212/1/201242000
      Project D8/1/201210/1/201255000


      The basic info is there to calculate how many bytes per day/week/month of the total one would need to load to complete the project on time. e.g. Project A has 136 days between the start and end date. Divide 310,000 GB by 136 and you get 2279 GB per day would be the rate needed to load that project and keep it on track by it's end date. If I can plot that bar graph then even better would be to stack them so that i can see the aggregate rates across all projects similar to the below. I'm shooting for monthly really but in theory the data is there to calculate it per day, week, whatever. I'm just not sure if there is a way to do this in Tableau vs my manually manipulating the data source to give me individual data points.


      Note this graph isn't from the above data but give you an idea of what i'm after:


      Sheet 1.jpg