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    Apply filter to two data connections

    Lenore Caudle

      I am a newbie.


      I have a worksheet (not a dashboard) that has two data connections.  One is for Estimated Hours, One is for Actual hours.  They connect on a Project ID.  Another common field is Dept Name. What I want to do is list the Estimated hours and the Actual hours for one project and one department.  I have been able to get the project filter to work - but for the department, I'm not sure how to get it to filter both data connections.  For example


      Project One, All Estimated Hours are 20,000

      Project One All Reported Hours are 5,000

      In Project One Department A has 4,000 Estimated hours and 1,000 Reported Hours.


      When I place the department name in the filter shelf I get 4000 Estimated hours, but still get 5,000 reported hours and I want the Reported Hours field to filter also.