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    Deployment across multiple server instances


      Hi All,


      I have created a Tableau workbook based on a Tableau Data Source connection held on my DEV server. Having completed all the testing, this is now ready to be migrated forward to promote to User Acceptance Testing.


      However, when I go to Server > Publish Workbook from the desktop menu, I do not seem to get an option to specify a different server to the DEV server (which was holding the data source connection in the first place).


      One of the workarounds I did find was to create an extract out of the DEV TDS, replace the TDS connection with the TDE, log off the DEV server and then to connect to the UAT TDS and replace the TDE connection with the UAT TDS. But it seems an overkill for just deploying between servers.


      Has anyone else come across this kind of a requirement when you have to move your development modules through DEV, QA and PROD? Can you help me with the recommended approach to this requirement please?


      Thanks in advance!