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    why can't I aggregate an aggregate?

    Chris Rasmussen

      Why can't I aggregate an aggregate?


      I have a beautiful table that shows survey completion rates by group by week.  Each cell is showing me a percent complete for that group for a specific week.


      What I want is the ability to show an average percent completion rate for each week, but this would mean I'd need to have a calculation that looks like:


      avg([percent_complete_of_mailed]), and I am given the error message that I can't do an aggregate of an aggregate.


      The [percent_complete_of_mailed] is a calculation of sum([completes])/[number_mailed], so I can't do avg(sum([completes])/[number_mailed]) either!


      [number_mailed] is a calculation which is a sum of records with certain attributes. 


      How can I get this average?  any ideas?