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    Color Bar by Average Score

    Emma Whyte



      I am working with data that contains satisfaction questions on a 1-7 scale. I am trying to colour bars in a bar chart by their mean score within a range.


      For example:


      If the score is <5.9 then red

      If the score is 5.9 - 6.2 then yellow

      If the score is 6.2 - 6.5 then light green

      If the score is 6.5 - 6.8 then dark green

      If the score is > 6.8 then purple


      I have attempted to do this using Edit Colours (placing the pill on the colour shelf in the marks menu) and using a stepped colour scale with start and end points defined. I have set the start point as 5.6 and the end point as 7.1. I came to this conclusion by using the standard deviation to work out a scale that matched the range I wanted, as well as some other factors. I quite like this way of doing it, but have a question:


      If I put the Start point on the Edit Colours menu as 5.6 will it colour everything below 5.6 as red also?


      Is there an easier way of defining a colour range for scores than using stepped colours on Edit Colours?





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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Emma,


          - Yes, everything below the Start gets the same color.


          - For scale situations like this I find I get more control by using a calculated field with an IF statement to create a discrete set of colors, for example:


          IF [results] < 5.9 THEN "<5.9"

          ELSEIF [results] <= 6.2 THEN "5.9 to 6.2"

          ELSE ">6.2"


          Then the color legend will be able to display the exact gradations rather than the bands.





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            Emma Whyte

            Hi Jonathan,


            Thanks for the reply. I tested last night with some dummy data and can see that everything below or above gets coloured, which is great.


            I had thought about using an IF statement and your answer is very useful, thanks. I didn't know that this would let the colour legend display the exact gradients.