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    Change datasource server name, port, user and password

    Anand Rathi


      I am using MySQL server as datasource. All workbooks are published on Tableau server.


      Tableau sever store database credentials (server name, port, username, password) in workbook. Whenever database credentials are changed we have to change datasource and republish all workbook through desktop.

      Is there any option available in tableau server where we can change configuration (properties) file or change single datasource and all workbook will use this new datasource?

      Any tableau tool other than tableau desktop which can be used to change datasource and republish all workbook on server?


      Problem Scenario:

      Reports in Staging environment uses database 1 but same reports will use database 2 in production environment.




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          Matt York

          Check out the Data Server. Data Server will connect to MySQL, and the workbooks will connect to the Data Server. Whenever your server, port, username, or password changes you only need to modify one Data Server connection instead of modifying all your workbooks.


          Here's a quick start guide to Data Server: http://downloads.tableausoftware.com/quickstart/feature-guides/data_server_admin.pdf

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            Zach Leber

            You can change everything you need right in Tableau Server, no republishing or Data Server required.  Simply go into Server via the web interface, select Data Connections (not Data Sources) which is under the Administration section.  Select the particular data connection that needs to be changed and press Edit.  Then you can change server name, port, password, etc.  I do this whenever my Desktop users forget to embed the database password in their published workbooks.


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              Is there a way to automate these changes so an admin user does not have to login and change it themselves?  For example - up until we move something to production the individual user credentials will be embedded for data sources that need to be scheduled for refreshes. Once these data sources are published to production there will be an application ID used for the data sources - but we want to run a script or another job to change the individual user credentials to the system username and password.  We do not want to have to do this manually for each and every data source that gets moved to production.

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                Russell Christopher

                Hey Chris -


                The short answer is no.


                What most larger enterprises do in this regard is to have a somewhat generalized version of the data source sitting in source control somewhere - generalized meaning the server and database name have very easy / unique strings that can be found/replaced in a script.


                You'll write a script which opens this sucker up programtically, replaces the "fake" server and database name with the real thing, and then uses the TabCmd program to re-publish it...

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                  Kelly Princehouse

                  That's a nice tip, thanks, I hadn't noticed that before.


                  It's too bad that one can't change the database from there. Server? Sure. Username? Great. But for the bulk changes I'm trying to make right now I need to change the database setting, as well. Sometimes implementing 90% of the feature is 100% useless .


                  Some days I feel like if I don't facepalm at least three times a day while using Tableau, I'm not trying hard enough.