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    Connecting to Excel from public http address

    Faryal Ali



      I want to connect to excel sheet through http address. The address is public and I can access file in browser. But when I specify same address in select an excel sheet, it gives me error (Invalid Internet Address).


      For example, http://dev-etl.ihvweb8.com/funnel.xlsx is the address. It gives error in tableau desktop.

      How can I resolve this issue?


      Note: As this file is generated on daily basis, I cannot copy the file on my local machine. The server does not lie in my network and due to security issues, I cannot access it directly.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hello again!


          Tableau doesn't have the ability to connect to/download/attach to a file via http. The file needs to be in the filesystem or on a fileshare. This doesn't help you, I know


          Have you considered leaning on 3rd party WebDav technology? WebDav could allow you to point to a remote location addressable via HTTP and map that location as a shared network drive on your local computer. Then, you could point Tableau to that drive.


          Depending on the web server that the excel workbook is hosted on, most of the technology that you need might already be there. For example, IIS has built-in support for WebDav. You might want to take a look at webdav.org, too. SharePoint has great support for WebDav.


          Your only other choice would be to use some sort of 3rd party tool to download / store the excel workbook on a scheduled basis, then point Tableau to the local workbook and/or kick off an extract refresh.


          Good luck - this sounds like a toughie!

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            Faryal Ali

            Hi Russell,


            Adopted the similar approach as you mentioned, I have resolved the issue through ftp connect. This migrates the file generated to tableau server machine.

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              Peter Terrana

              Is there any way to get tableau to save the connection information without doing an extract?  This works fine for me until I close and re-open the twbx, then the connection information changes to a locally cached file instead of the WebDav address.  If I extract the data, it works fine and maintains the WebDav address in the connection info, but in certain cases I prefer to package the workbook with the excel file itself instead of an extract.