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    Retention computations through filtering or RAWSQL?

    Carl Johan Ragnarsson

      I am looking at time series of the number of users of a game in different countries divided by registration date and the date they played the game in Tableau.


      Let's say I want to know how large a percentage of the users registered on a specific date (reg_date) are still playing on another date (play_date). The easy way to do that is just to make a plot where I use reg_date as a filter, and view the number of users along the play_dimension.


      Now, I have created another calculated field which is the number of days a user has played the game (time_played = play_date-reg_date), and I would like to see how many users remain in the game after, say, a week, or a month, i.e #users(time_played=30)/#users(time_played=0). I have not found any way to implement this type of function in Tableau. I can view the number of users from time 0 to N as a line, but that is as far as I am getting.