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    7.0.4 And Maps

    Shawn Wallwork

      Richard and I were discussing the new maintenance release off-forum and I just got this email from him:


      "Wow – geocoding is MUCH quicker."


      So all you map folks are going to want to update. Nice job Francois & Tableau team, thanks!



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          Tim Latendress

          I agree. Great work. Just in time for some of my newer map users who were complaing about load times. Richard helped me speed it up with some tweaks but this update makes that approach unecessary for them now. I will still keep his suggestions in my bag of tricks.


          Question: Does this close out the Idea for improving map load times?




          If so, how do those Ideas that have been addressed by the developers get removed. Maintaining a clean list of ideas is key to keeping it relevant.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Tim I was just considering this question; working on an elaborate graphic that would mimic the whole 'correct' answer graphic/star thing they do, only I thought we should change it to a BIG green CHECK MARK to indicate it was DONE, and we Tableau users really appreciate it! But it's a lazy Friday just before the holiday, so I'll let you (and Tableau) imagine the whole graphic thing.


            This really is a significant performance improvement for maps! And should be celebrated. Whoever that man behind the curtain is, we're toasting you tonight! Cheers!



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              Dan Cory

              Thanks! I shared the feedback with the team.