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    Using dashboard action filters to jump to filtered worksheet

    Jonathan Drummey



      I'm building a dashboard that incorporates data from a number of data sources, some of which is blended. In the dashboard, the user can choose a Unit (this is hospital data) and an Action Filter tied to that filters all the worksheets in the dashboard for the chosen Unit, and if no unit is picked then the user sees the results for the whole hospital.


      Now, some of the worksheets in the dashboard have more detailed worksheets. I'd like the user to be able to use a menu-based Action Filter to "drill down/through" and jump to the detailed worksheets, and I've set this up. The problem is that I'd like to go to that worksheet, and have the worksheet filtered by the chosen Unit(s) from the initial Action Filter, and Tableau won't let me do that unless I have Unit somewhere in the level of detail on the dashboard version of the worksheet. This is somewhat possible but quite difficult since those worksheets are using blended data and the calculations are hairy-scary enough already without having to add Unit to the mix.


      I've set up a basic demonstration of this in the attached workbook using the Superstore Sales data where instead of a unit I'm doing the filtering on Region. I did come up with a workaround that uses table calculations, I'm hoping someone has a different way of going at this that doesn't require table calculations. Maybe using a parameter instead of an action Filter?



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          Jonathan Drummey

          I ended up using a parameter to choose the Units, so each worksheet has a calculated field based on the "Choose Unit" parameter that is used as filter. Besides not requiring Unit to be in the Level of Detail, another advantage of this method is that the calculated field can be easily adjusted to some special cases where some data sets are at the super-unit level while others are at the unit level. So, for example, the user could select the "WIS" parameter and get all data for the "CAS", "OBS", and "NUR" units because calculated field will allow for that. This wasn't at all possible with an Action Filter just using Unit.