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    % Values in KPI calculation

    Julia Hennelly

      I am hoping this is simply done and that the issue is my being a novice user of Tableau.  I am developing a turnover dashboard.  I have two things I need to accomplish and think answering this question will solve both.  I am attaching a workbook that has the KPI chart plus the detail.  Bottom line is I need to look at the percentage of turnover by quarter for each group.  The calculation should be simple - number of terms % number of employees however this does not give me what I need.  Once I have the calculation accurate I need to do KPI indicators.  My KPI calculation is as follows:


      IF sum([TERM_FLAG])%count([EMPLOYEE]) <= 15 then 'GOOD'

      elseif sum([TERM_FLAG])%count([EMPLOYEE]) <= 25 then 'OK'

      else 'BAD'



      I know this is not rocket science but after spending way too much time trying to get this right thought I would go to the experts.  Not a very exciting viz but a very necessary one for our organization.


      Any help much appreciated.