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    Blank results in calculated fields with a live connection to a Vectorwise table

    Aude Gidel - Hoareau

      Hello everyone !


      I'm using Tableau 7.0

      Recently, we decided to work with a Vectorwise database (we used to work with InfiniDB).


      But I'm having problems with calculated fields while using live connection to a table > they return blank results...


      If I apply a simple aggregation like a "count distinct" on a field, it works properly.

      But if I create a calculated field with the same calculation, the result is blank.

      I have no warnings or errors in Tableau desktop but if I check the logs after publishing the workbook, I have this kind of message after the query:

      ERROR: No binding found for column [usr:Calculation_6580522085925541:qk] bound as "usr:Calculation_6580522085925541:qk"


      I can't even use the field "Number Of Records".

      The result is blank and I have the same error in the log:

      ERROR: No binding found for column [sum:Number of Records:qk] bound as "sum:Number of Records:qk"


      Have you ever encountered this problem even with another kind of database?

      I'm clueless and it seems that the problem comes from Tableau and not Vectorwise (according to the support).


      Thanks for your help !

      Aude, Data Analyst @IsCool Entertainment