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    The Game...

    Shawn Wallwork

      So obviously I'm one of the few "participants" who has focused on the new forums 'game'. I think that if you're going to go to the trouble of "gamifying" these forums then you should at least make the game fair, fun & rewarding. Does this graphic have any real meaning any more?




      Not much fun here. And rewarding? Not even a free seat at the Tableau conference for Alex, Joe, Richard, Jonathan or Dimitri for the hours they've put in answering essentially tech support questions on the forums -- for free!? I left Tracy, James, Andy & Robert off the list because they're all Tableau employees and will presumably already attend the conference for free (but a hotel room upgrade might be a nice perk!)


      My ultimate point: either make the forums a game worth playing, or eliminate the charade and go back to the free and willing exchange of ideas/knowledge between devoted Tableau users.


      I relinquish the soap box...



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          Alright... If not a Business Class trip to San Diego with a 5-star accommodation and a dinner cruise, how about some t-shirts then? One t-shirt for every 50 points...

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi Shawn,


            While an invite to the Tableau conference would be totally awesome (especially since the non-profit I work for doesn't have the budget to send me this year), I'm not into posting for the game. It is mildly interesting/amusing, and it is true that I was a bit more interested when I was climbing the board. And, at the same time I'm very much aware that I'm only on the board at all because the rules changed mid-stream with the new forum software and my posts get 4x+ the weight than most of the posts from Joe Mako, Richard Leeke, James Baker, etc.


            I got on here because I really wanted to learn Tableau and found the forums to be a great resource for that, plus I like to help others in the way that I've gotten so much help from others, there's the ego boost of the thanks I get, and the relative ease of solving someone else's (bounded) problem sets as opposed to the (unbounded) problem sets in my day job. Those rewards are still present for me, and I'll continue to post.



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              Shawn Wallwork

              So in other words, a T-Shirt would be nice? BTW, I'd settle for just one T-Shirt, not sure I'd know what to do with 60 T-Shirt as Dimitri suggested.


              Jonathan, I totally agree with you about the reasons for contributing; mine are very similar. The only other one I would add is helping Tableau improve their software, which probably is higher on my list than most, (although you're pretty high on the Ideas participant's list too).


              I'm just saying let's have a bit of fun, while we do these good works.




              PS: I'm diggin' you're longer posts these days, very interesting and informative!