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    Datasource on different workstation/server

    Faryal Ali



      I am currently developing reports on my machine using a local excel sheet. The actual datasource will be an excel sheet generated as result of ETL on a linux machine (not within the network). The tableau server is installed on a windows server (also not within network).

      My problem is that once I have published a workbook, I want the extract to be refreshed from the Excel sheet generated by ETL. As both tableau server and the machine generating Excel sheet are not within same network, it gives error in connection.

      Is it possible to link a workbook with datasource not within its network. (I have tried a different machine within my network and it works fine. Also I have tried by placing a copy of file to tableau server machine and it also works fine in that scenario).


      Thanks in advance.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi There -


          The Run-As domain account that the Tableau Server service is running under must be able to access the location where that Excel file is stored.


          So regardless of whether the document is stored on the remote SSIS box, or stored locally, you need to be sure the domain account that Tableau is running under has permissions on the folder or share.


          You might be able to get this to work with a NT "pass through" account - an account that you define on both networks with the same username and password - I've had some luck with that before. Or, can you consider some other way to get that Excel file over TO the box where Tableau Server is running?


          For example, maybe you can add another task to your SSIS package to "push" the excel file to the Tableau Server box...or maybe you could drop it into a (HACK!) DropBox folder that also exists on the Tableau Server machine?


          Good luck!

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