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    Creating a table with dimensions only

      Hello, I am trying to create a table which shows two dimensions on it and no measures.  The table is going to show Euro Championships winners and the year(s) in which they won.  Is it possible to create a table with dimensions only? At the moment it seems as though I need to include a measure.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Sarbjeet,


          It is not necessary to have a measure on the view. Are you referring to the Abc in the columns/rows. You can get rid of this by either placing one of your dimensions on the text shelf. Or, a blank calculated field can be created so that nothing shows there. It would simply be a space between two quotation marks. Then. right click on the header, and select Hide Field Labels. Hope this helps!



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            Hi Tracy,

            Thanks for getting back to me.

            Unfortunately, the first option doesn't seem to work. When I put the year dimension in the text field then I get an overlap error message or the year field repeats itself.


            Didnt have much luck with the second option either

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              Nick Sanchez

              Strictly speaking, I do not think this is possible. However, there is a workaround if your purpose is to just display a table of dimensions.


              Add the 'Number of Records' measure, and select Count (Distinct). Make sure it is continuous. Make sure 'Marks' is Automatic. Set the color of the bars to match the background (for example white). Then make the width of the measure column as small as possible. Additionally, you may want to set all column border dividers to 'None'.


              If I interpreted your question correctly, this is generally satisfactory for displaying a bunch of dimensions in a decent looking table.

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                Michael McDonnell

                Hi Sarbjeet,


                Following Tracy's suggestion, can your output have the Year as the first column and the Team as the second column?  If so, placing Year on the row shelf (which would be unique, thus avoiding the overlapping text) and the Team as text may provide an adequate table, unless (A) the Team must be in the first column and/or (B) there can be multiple champions per year (sorry, I'm not familiar w/ the Euro Championships, like is there one for England, another for Spain, one for France, etc... I don't know.).


                Good luck.



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                  Beni Djohan

                  hi SKS, hope this helps a bit and not too late.

                  Think of two ways, however, both have the same 'drop' issue, which is visible on worksheet but not on dashboard.


                  one. use dim as Marks Label

                  1. drag dim1 and dim2 to the Rows shelf. [or, Columns shelf, depending on your layout]

                  2. drag dim2 to the label in Marks shelf.

                  3. uncheck 'show header' of dim2 in the Rows shelf.

                  4. right click the column header of the visualization and click on 'Hide Field Labels for Rows'


                  two. via highlight tables

                  1. select dim1, dim2 and number of records, then select highlight tables on show-me

                  2. on Marks color, change sum(number of records) with min() or max()

                  3. use dim2 as Marks label

                  then follow the last two steps of option 1.




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                    Thanks Beni, that worked a treat