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    Help with Tooltip formatting

      New user to tableau. I have displayed a measured value in a bar chart as $200K and would like to display the measured value in the Tooltip as $200,121 while keeping the measured value in the chart as $200K.

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Nino,


          By creating a calculated field similar to the following and placing it on the label shelf, the bar chart will give you the desired outcome, while the Tooltip will give the value of the Sales:


          if sum(Sales)>50000 then '5K'

          elseif sum(Sales)>4000 then '4K'

          elseif sum(Sales)>3000 then '3K'

          elseif sum(Sales)>2000 then '2K'

          elseif sum(Sales)>1000 then '1K'

          else '6K'



          Hope this helps!



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