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    how to plot distances as circles around a center point?

    Julia Hennelly

      I have a workbook showing distances and time traveled to potential new work sites for employees.  I would like to plot around each new site circles of distance such as 10 miles, 10-20 miles and > 20 miles (these numbers are parameters entered by the user).  When looking at the viz need to see percentage of associates within each circle?  Ultimately we will include difference between current commute and commute to new site both time and distance and want to plot that.  This would all be best plotted on a map??


      In the attached workbook I have a map with the proposed sites on it, would like colored circles around each site showing count of associates within a certain distance.


      Is this doable in Tableau - seems like a great analysis tool to me.


      Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.