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    Import Custom Geocoding Portugal

    Ricardo Mota



      I already read a lot of treads regarding this subject but I can´t import my custom geocoding csv file.


      I have this error message.




      I have change my settings to:


      Regional Def.png


      and create schema.ini according csv file. (Attached)






      Col1="ID" Text

      Col2="Country (Abbreviation)" Text

      Col3="State (Name)" Text

      Col4="Concelho" Text

      Col5="Código Postal" Text

      Col6="Cidade" Text

      Col7="Freguesia" Text

      Col8="Latitude" Double

      Col9="Longitude" Double



      Did someone have a idea what could be the problem?





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Ricardo,


          Often the above error message occurs when the file that is being imported is opened. Close the file and try re-importing it. I have also attached the ini file and csv file here. Make sure that they are saved in a folder all by themselves. Hope this helps!



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            Ricardo Mota

            Hello Tracy


            Thank you for your answer.


            The file is closed and the ini file is in the same folder.


            I have tried a thousand different situations and nothing. I had read all the posts in the forum and tried everything.


            I will keep trying!


            Thanks once again



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              Richard Leeke

              I just tried to open your original CSV file in Excel and I got a weird message about Sylk file format not being supported.


              This turns out to be because the first two characters in the file are "ID", as described here.


              Not sure if this is what's confusing the custom geocoding import - I didn't look any further - but I thought I'd point this out. I notice Tracy has swapped the order of the columns in the file she attached, which would have been enough to get around the Sylk issue anyway.

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                Ricardo Mota

                Hi Richard


                Thanks. I have saw this to. It's just changing "ID" to "Id". But these are not the problem.


                I have found a solution with support team that I want to share:


                1. Replace all the comma column delimiters in the file with vertical bar
                2. In the schema.ini file put this option: Format=Delimited(|) (Attched my schema.ini file and a csv sample)
                3. Put the csv file and the ini in the same directory
                4. Import in Tableau



                With this solution I was able to import.



                Normal Problems that I Found:


                Decimal Separator: , or ; or . (This depends your regional settings that can be changed in Control Panel) I have imported mine with ,


                I hope that helps


                Thank you