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    Row Level Security in Packaged workbook

    Michal Marusan



      I would like to know if there is a way how to implement row level security in packaged workbook (without using Tableau server/ not published on Tableau server)?


      Case - report for regional managers:

      1. create analysis/report
      2. generate packaged workbook
      3. send to regional managers (just the workbook)
      4. regional manager see only particular data from workbook


      Thank you,


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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Michal -


          No, not really. Since Tableau Server is responsible for authenticating a user and establishing their identity, there's no real way to tell "who am I talking to" without it. Without knowing who we're talking to, we can't filter rows appropriately.


          In your scenario, you can't tell "who the user is" - so you'd have to create your extract for each user, filtering the extract so that it only shows the appropriate rows. This is possible, but a manual process.

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