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    Having difficulty in creating a quota coverage calculation (and rolling up)

    Martin O'Rourke



      Firstly, my apologies if this has been answered or covered elsewhere on the forum - I have been digging around for a couple of days and am unable to find exactly what I am looking for!


      I am trying to compare opportunity amounts against the owner's quota for a given timeframe, assuming that the quota is stored in a separate table. The quotas table is linked to the opportunities table on the owner record (ID).


      When I view the data (as pulled into Tableau), I see the following i.e. the quota is pulled in for each opportunity, meaning that when I attempt to summarise by rep, I see a bloated total quota (i.e. their actual quota x number of deals they have).



      I can use the ATTR function (instead of summing quotas) to return the actual quota for each rep, but this doesn't allow for the rolling up of quotas (per sales region, or division) or indeed the grand totalling. 


      What I am trying to get to is the following, but I'm as yet unable to get it to work. I have been able to recreate this functionality in a number of other systems, so am hoping that it is merely a simple tweak which is required.


      I would greatly appreciate any guidance!


      Thanks and regards,

      Martin O'Rourke