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    Count of Errors should Change With Combined Data Set Date Change

    Eric Frishman

      Fellow Tableauers!


      The enclosed problem should be easy enough, but I can't seem to find the correct answer.  What I'm attempting to do is effectively a countif on errors that fall within a time range.  I get hit with (can't mix aggregate and non aggregate values when I do a count of error.time > minwindow) etc.


      There are linked sheets on time.

      1)  First sheet is a listing of all times

      2)  Second sheet is a listing of errors and their timestamp.  Only 1 type of error is possible within a timestamp


      Adjusting the slider changes the count of time.  However, the count of errors within that timeframe, that is my crux!  Perhaps I simply misplaced my brain or am I making this harder than it should be?


      Thank you for your help!  Raw data is in Excel.