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    Score Revisited....

    Shawn Wallwork

      For the past few days you may have noticed Alex has been missing in action from these forums. You all know Alex has always been a knowledgeable & fierce contributor.  Could his latest absence have something to do with this?


      JoeM.PNG VS. Alex.PNG


      Come on Alex, don't be shy!


      But then I understand, if you hold back long enough Tracy will definitely be forced to unseating the undisputed King of Tableau! (Like I said before, this whole scoring thing needs a bit of a tweak.)


      Suggestion: Make Joe the Tableau "Jedi Emperor" and give him 20,000 points. Then all us mere mortals can contribute without fear of unseating him. (We all know he is the ultimate Tableau expert!)




      PS: Joe, congrats on the new job. New photo works well too!