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    LinkedIn data

      Hi everybody,


      This is my first attempt at data visualisation. Scraped some data from LinkedIn but am having difficulties using Tableau Public.

      Location is displayed in this form so it's not recognised. Any thoughts please?

      Greater New York City Area
      Xenia, Ohio
      Fishers, Indiana

      Thanks for your help!


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Alina,


          If the data cannot be cleaned up within the data source, then a calculated field can be created (there are different options for this, but one example is the following):


          if [Town]='Fishers, Indiana' then 'Fishers'

          elseif [Town]='Greater New York City Area' then 'New York City'

          elseif [Town]='Xenia, Ohio' then 'Xenia' end


          Then, right click on this in the data box and select Geographic Role-->City. Then, when you double click on the calculation, it will plot the cities on a map. Hope this helps!



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