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    Is there any way to override Tableau sub-total calculations?

      I am new to Tableau, and having trouble with sub-total calculations.   I need the calculation done at the sub-total level to use the data from two sub-totaled columns, instead of summing or averaging the row detail data.  The same applies to grand totals. 


      For example, in the attached workbook, on the 'JL Crosstab' sheet, under SM YEAR 12, SM KEY GA, the sub-total for calculation 'Pg Avg' for DEPT GROUP 010 needs to be 165.2 / 16.75 = 9.9, using the sub-totaled values for GLR $ and PAGE SPACE.   The same problem applies to the calculations ''% to Total' and '% Book Avg Pg', and for the Grand totals of these three columns as well.


      Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts/help!