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    Can you use an Action to Goto another Dashboard and Select Data Based on the initial Selection

    Chris Turnbull

      Hi All the title is a bit long winded.


      I have a attached 2screenshots of Worksheets that I have developed and there are 2 things that would like to add to enhance the Data System.


      1)  I would like to Click on either the Subject eg Art or an arrow that will take me 2 another Dashboard called Class Analysis that is shown in Screenshot 2.  The second Sheet will show the Classes associated with the Subject that was chosen from the Original Worksheet.


      2) I would also like to be able to click on a Cell eg. Additional Science D Grade the number 7 and either goto a worksheet where those 7 Sudents are Listed or have a Tooltip that shows who they are.


      I a sure this can't be too difficult but after having browsed the forums, web and training materials I have yet to find a good example.


      Hopefully you can point me in the correct direction.